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Effective Date: November 12, 2020

The reports provided by Precise Market Intelligence are for internal use by the client and can't be used for general publication or distribution to 3rd parties. Precise Market Intelligence isn't liable for the wrong information, numbers, or analysis received from report manufacturers.

Any further reproduction, photocopying, transmission in any form, recording, or anything shouldn't be avoided permission from the publisher.

We constantly work on updating the privacy policy statements when the necessity for an equivalent arises. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) launched by EU nullified the prevailing 1995 European Data Protection Directives. The advancements within the digital era and therefore the introduction of GDPR has led us to figure on building comprehensive privacy laws. These laws are updated to be in line with the fast-paced data-driven world.

Please read through the Privacy Policy to form sure you comprehend our commitment to your safety. The policy statement is supposed to showcase our procedure of collecting, using, transferring, and disclosure of the end-user information by Precise Market Intelligence. The document sheds light on the ways Precise Market Intelligence acquires and treats clients’ Data when the web site is accessed, visited, and/or used for various purposes. The policy also addresses the info acquired offline. This policy document doesn't cover information collected on sites, applications, destinations, or services linked to from the Service that we don't own or control.

Collection and Use of data

Precise Market Intelligence works towards assessing the viability of varied new goods and services with the assistance of consumers, through various research methods. We help our users in identifying target markets through recorded opinions and other input of consumers for a product. Precise Market Intelligence gathers market data through interviews; therefore, the likelihood of knowledge fluctuation can't be ruled out, thanks to fast-changing market conditions. We, therefore, don't take responsibility for false or misleading information provided by users or manufacturers.

Other sorts of data that we gather is extensively supported by personal and navigational information by the user. the other information gathered, is stored temporarily just to reinforce the user experience of our site.

Other Parties' Collection and Use of Your Information

We don't share, sell, rent, or trade personally identifiable information with third parties for his or her promotional purposes.

We do use agents, service providers, and other third parties to supply some services on our site. These companies don't retain, share, store, or use personally identifiable information for the other purposes than those described below:

Publishers: We may share your contact information with the publisher(s) whose reports you buy . The publisher(s) may send you marketing materials. If you are doing not wish to receive these materials you'll got to contact the publisher directly so as to opt-out (providing the publisher offers an opt-out).
Service Providers

Shipping: Our publishers use an outdoor shipping service provider to satisfy orders. These orders are going to be shipped to you directly from the publisher. In these cases, the publisher receives your contact information.

Credit Card Processing: once you buy something with a MasterCard , we use a MasterCard processing service provider to verify your MasterCard and bill you. Additionally, the name of your company (but not your name or contact information) are going to be shared with the publisher of the knowledge you purchased.

Other Third Parties

Tracking Service:

A third-party tracking service provider may set cookies on our website to assist us track to what extent sales are being generated from various marketing efforts. This information is merely utilized in the mixture. We don't link the knowledge we store in cookies to any personally identifiable information you submit while on our site.

Also, we may use a third-party tracking service employs a software technology like Clears Gifs, Web Beacons/Web Bugs, that help us better manage content on our site by informing us what content is effective. They’re tiny graphics with a singular identifier, similar in function to cookies, and are wont to track the web movements of website users. the most difference between the 2 is that clear gifs are invisible on the page and are much smaller, about the dimensions of the amount at the top of this sentence. Clear gifs are tied to users' personally identifiable information but could also be employed by only to work out the effectiveness of varied marketing programs.


Precise Market Intelligence takes the utmost care in ensuring the knowledge provided on the web site has relevancy and accurate. However, Precise Market Intelligence doesn't provide any warranty, undertakings, or representations concerning the authenticity of the content on its website. Precise Market Intelligence doesn't take responsibility for any losses or damages that are incurred due to the utilization of the knowledge on its website.

Copyright Notice

The content is copyrighted. All rights are reserved by Precise Market Intelligence. The client can print or download extracts information from the web site for private use only. No information are often used or stored in any medium without permission from Precise Market Intelligence. Any resale, disclosure, lending, or reproduction of service or publication can only be made with the prior written permission from Precise Market Intelligence. Transmission and/or reproduction of any part from the web site , by any means or in any form (photocopying, mechanical, electronic, recording or otherwise) require prior written permission.

Policy Changes

Precise Market Intelligence can change or update policies as and when required for the betterment of the whole platform and also to serve our customers better. New and updated policy statements would be posted on the web site at different intervals. Kindly ask this page frequently to see for the policy amendments, if any. 

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